Our Construction

At JR Freed Construction, our innovative designs are both beautiful and built to last. Construction codes are always changing and differ from township to township. Our custom decks and pergolas meet, or in most cases exceed, all building codes and regulations. Below are some of the proven building techniques that we employ to insure our clients will enjoy their decks for years to come. Contact us today to learn more.


The footings are the foundation of your deck.  As with a house, a good foundation is essential.  If the foundation is off, everything else will be off as well.

Holes are dug with an auger where possible and all debris is removed.  Although most townships only require a 36″ by 12″ deep hole, we often dig deeper until we feel the ground is solid enough to build on.  The hole is then filled with fully mixed concrete to grade height.  This assures a solid foundation for the life of the deck.

Post & Beam

A 6-inch square galvanized post base is anchored to each concrete footer.  A 6×6 post is then set inside of the base and attached with Teco nails.  The top of the post is notched 3 inches to receive the double 2×8, 2×10, or 2×12 beam.  The beam is then through bolted to the post using 2-1/2 by 7 carriage bolts.

Resting the beam on top of the post, instead of bolting them to the sides of the post, allows the direct transfer of weight to the footing and prevents separation of the post from the beam over time.


The most crucial part of a deck frame is the ledger (the board that holds the deck to the house).  This board must be flashed properly to ensure the life of the deck and your safety as well.  We use vinyl flashing so there’s no chance of rust.  We also use through bolts wherever possible.  Through bolts are a much better attachment than lag bolts because they will never loosen.  In addition, the nuts and washers are inside the band board of your house, so there’ no chance they will ever pull out.

The joists are another important element of the deck frame.  The decking attaches directly to these boards.  Our custom deck designs use 2x10s, 12″ or 16″ on center whenever possible.  We use higher quality, pressure treated, southern yellow pine purchased from a deck supplier or lumber yard, not from a chain store.


At JR Freed Construction, we enjoy this part the most.  We have state of the art equipment and love to show off our talent with precision cuts.  We are very meticulous with our angles and inlays.

From the materials to the design, decking options are almost limitless.  Choose from pressure treated, composites, pvc, and exotic hardwoods.  Inlays, borders, dividers, and different color decking all can be used to create that unique look.  The decking design is important because it can make a small deck appear larger, create different seating areas without changing heights, or simply add a lot of character to any design.


Railing options are almost limitless as well.  The most important thing about a railing is that it does it’s job.  Aside from looking great and accenting the decking, the rail must be sturdy and built to withstand anyone who might fall into it.  9 out of 10 decks are built with the rail posts inset inside the ribbon or band board, and bolted to the deck frame.  This prevents the posts from ever being pushed off the deck.  More Information on Railings…


Steps can vary greatly in style and design, but function is most important.  Steps should always have a footer or compacted stone under the base to prevent sinking.  The riser should always be closed and each step should have a comfortable climbing height and tread depth.  Adding lights for visibility is also a good idea, both for safety and aesthetics.  More on Steps…


The fascia is the exposed outer board around the perimeter of the deck.  This is covered with a 1×8, 1×10, or 1×12 to either match the decking or railing, standard on all jobs.  We also ‘tuck’ our fascia under the overhang of the decking whenever possible to prevent any dirt, debris, water, or ice from getting in and rippling or separating the fascia from the deck helping to keep your deck looking beautiful for years to come.

Proven building techniques, superior workmanship, and our dedication to getting the job done right.  Just some of the many reasons that custom decks from
JR Freed Construction stand apart from the rest.  Check out some of our latest projects with either low maintenance or natural wood decking; or contact us today for more information.