The Design & Estimate

All of our estimates are handled by Jason, the company owner.  Jason will come to your location with product samples and brochures.  He’ll take all necessary measurements, as well as ask you for, and listen to, your ideas and thoughts on the project before giving you his professional opinion.

Jason will then put together a detailed proposal, complete with drawings, based on all of the information gathered… and once you have the proposal in hand, he’ll be available to personally answer any questions you may have.

The Contract

Once a design is established, materials chosen, and a price agreed upon, we draft a contract.  Your signed contract and deposit indicates a commitment from you and allows us to start the process of obtaining the necessary permits as well as lock you into our schedule.

The Permit

Unlike most other contractors, JR Freed will do all the footwork for you.  Although the cost of the permit is not included with our services, we will obtain the application, provide all of the necessary information and drawings required by the township, and submit the application.  We’ll also call in all required inspections.


We build decks that last.  Our innovative designs, quality materials, proven building techniques, and superior workmanship all insure that a custom deck from JR Freed Construction will be a beautiful outdoor living space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.  Learn more about how we build our custom decks and what makes them last a lifetime.


Clean-up of all job related debris is a must.  All of our employees know that at the end of every day, other than materials, the job site is to look like no-one was there.  You won’t find a cleaner contractor.

Final Inspection and Payment

Once your deck is 100% complete and you are 100% satisfied, final payment is due and we’ll look forward to seeing you when you buy your next house. 

Contact us today and experience the JR Freed difference.